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Athletes as Educators

On this podcast, Angela Lewis interviews current and former athletes as they share advice on the college recruiting process. Each interview also offers advice for parents on how to best help athletes as they transition to each phase in their lives.

The Athletes as Educators Podcast is a production of the Global Athlete Media Network.

Jan 30, 2017

Chasity Melvin embodies style, uniqueness, beauty and faith. Chasity has overcome highs and lows throughout her 14 year professional basketball career to become a WNBA All Star, ACC Legend and NCSU Hall of Famer. 

Chasity Melvin currently lives in Raleigh NC and works for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. She is the social and news media coordinator for the fund. Chasity is also a player consultant and member of the National Basketball Players Association. 

Not only is she known for her stellar basketball career , her success with tendencies outside of sport include speaker, coach, philanthropy work and her independent work with the sports media. She enjoys commentating, sports co-host opportunities and hosting her online sports radio show. Her athletic experience combined with her engaging personality with off-court activities makes her one of a kind. 

Chasity played in the WNBA for 12 seasons, Cleveland Rockers, Chicago Sky, and the Washington Mystics. She also played internationally for 14 years in Spain, Russia, Poland, S Korea, Italy, Israel, Turkey, and China amassing championships throughout the world. She solidified her athletic prowess as one of the few females to play in all 3 professional leagues, the ABL, the WNBA and win multiple championships abroad in Europe. 

Now that her playing days are done, inspiring, motivation and empowering others are her passion. Chasity understands the importance of spirituality, self confidence, balance and positive order in becoming and staying successful in your career, post career and life in general.

Chasity's first book "At the End of the Day" a devotional memoir from an athletes perspective is a must read. It the ultimate blueprint for young athlete and others seeking success, inspiration and an undeniable faith in reaching their goals. The book is scheduled for release in February 2017.

Connect with Chasity Melvin:

Twitter, FB and IG @ChasityMelvin