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Athletes as Educators

On this podcast, Angela Lewis interviews current and former athletes as they share advice on the college recruiting process. Each interview also offers advice for parents on how to best help athletes as they transition to each phase in their lives.

The Athletes as Educators Podcast is a production of the Global Athlete Media Network.

Nov 28, 2016

Nakia Sanford is a former professional basketball player who is passionate about giving back to her community. Her mission is to give young people the tools they need to live mentally, emotionally and physically healthy lives through her non-profit programs. As a money management coach, her mission is to impact generations of families by teaching financial literacy.

Her devotion grew from being able to relate to the struggles of growing up in poverty. Living in public housing in Decatur, Ga., she experienced first-hand what a lack of information, opportunity and direction looks like. Therefore, everyday of her life, she pursues a dream of helping other people elevate their situation financially and creating legacies in their families.

As an athlete, she learned leadership and work ethic. She has transferred her lessons of integrity and teamwork into her new profession. In business, she will help train an army of informed, capable, educated entrepreneurs one family at a time. She believes our country has become a slave to debt as part of our social DNA. She believes it must stop if we are to save the dwindling working class in our country and has sought out to do so by enabling people with education, empowerment and financial freedom. 

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