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Athletes as Educators

On this podcast, Angela Lewis interviews current and former athletes as they share advice on the college recruiting process. Each interview also offers advice for parents on how to best help athletes as they transition to each phase in their lives.

The Athletes as Educators Podcast is a production of the Global Athlete Media Network.

Apr 22, 2016

Former NBA Super Sonic, Donald “Slick” Watts, has dedicated his life to the sport of basketball and worked hard to develop his skills. He is the recipient of the J. Walker Kennedy Citizenship Award for his services to the community and he believes it is important that youth learn the value of giving back to thier communities. He started Watts Basketball to go beyond developing personal performance and instilling character in the youth. Currently, Slick works in Public Education with the Seattle Public School District and continues to give back to his community daily.

The Watts Basketball organization’s goal is to create a culture that will reinforce all of the positive qualities of our community while distracting our children from the negative influences. Watts Basketball strongly believes that the discipline and focus that is learned through participating in a team sport as well as the nurturing of their intellect, cultivation of the sense of civic responsibility and exposure to future possibilities, will help our children overcome the obstacles they face.

In addition, Slick’s NBA career consists of many highlights; 1st to lead NBA in total steals and assists per game, NBA All Defense First Team, received J. Walker Kennedy Citizenship Award, Seattle Sports Star of the Year, Sonics 40th Anniversary Team, Louisiana Hall Of Fame, New Orleans Hall Of Fame, NBA Citizenship Award, NBA All Pro, NBA Players Association as well as NBA Retired Players Association.

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